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2020 5K & 10K Run

Our 2020 Run has gone virtual!

Below you can sign up, sponsor, and find updates about the run

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basic info about this year's run...

As of now, our 5K & 10K will be completely virtual. With unpredictability due to Covid-19, we are choosing to pursue a virtual-only run this year.

What is a Virtual Run?

A virtual run is similar to a regular run, except rather than having everyone run on the same day/time, we are allowing everyone to run the race any time during the month of November (Nov. 1st - 30th). This helps us comply with the guidelines set in place for gatherings and social distancing. What does that mean?

  • There is a pre-set course that you can choose to run (we have a 5K & 10K option).

  • Your time can still be tracked! We will be using the RaceJoy app to track timing. This means that we will still be awarding medals for best times. You can run the pre-set course at any time during the month of November to be eligible.

    • We will be giving out medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place times in Male & Female Divisions ​for each race.

    • In order to be eligible for the best time awards, you must run the pre-set course

  • ​You can still run with those in your household if multiple people are running. You can also run with friends, as long as you comply with the guidelines for social distancing.​ Times are recorded for individuals only (not counted as a group).

The Deadline to Sign up is November 30th

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Frequently Asked Questions about this year's Run

2020 Run

Where is the Pre-Set Course?

We will still be running on the American Tobacco Trail. Although, we will be starting in a new location. We've chosen a location with public parking access. Parking is available at the intersection of Morehead Avenue and Blackwell Street. The race will start and finish at this intersection to provide easy access to parking. You can view the race maps here: 5K Map 10K Map

If I run the Pre-Set Course, how will I know where to turn around?

We will be using the RaceJoy app to track time and participation. The app will have the 5K and 10K maps, and will notify you when you are at the "turn around point." **Note: You will need to have headphones or have your volume turned up to hear when you've reached the turnaround point.**

Do I Have to Run the Pre-Set Course?

No! You can choose to run the 5K or 10K wherever you'd like. But, if you choose to not run the pre-set course, your time will NOT be counted for the Best Time awards.

Will I get a T-Shirt?

Yes! We will have a 2020 Run T-Shirt. Pickup for T-Shirts and prizes will take place at our office from December 4th-11th. Our office is located at Braggtown Baptist Church (3218 N. Roxboro St. Durham, NC 27704). When you arrive, come to the back of the building and ring the bell. Our office hours are Monday-Thursday (9:00am-3:00pm). T-Shirt Sample:

Can I Run with a Team?

Yes! Teams must be a minimum of four (4) runners. There is no maximum...you can have as many runners on your team as you would like. To register a team, all 4 (or more) individuals must be registered. Once your team has all registered, send an email to Run@EChap.org and let us know: 1. Your Team Name 2. Who is on your team (First and Last Names) 3. Which race your team is running (5K or 10K). Everyone on your team must run the same race to be eligible. Each runner on your team will be required to run the pre-set course and record their time via the RaceJoy app to be eligible. ...and that's it! After November 30th, we will notify winning teams!

What is the RaceJoy App and how does it work?

RaceJoy is an app designed by RunSignup (the registration service we use for our Run). It works by using your phone's built-in GPS to track your location and time for the run. To Set Up RaceJoy: Before setting up RaceJoy, you will need to register for the either the 5K or 10K HERE. Once you’ve registered to run, download the RaceJoy app from the App Store or Google Play App Store (iPhone): https://apps.apple.com/us/app/racejoy/id596132953 Google Play (Android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.racejoy.racejoy Once you download the app, search for “Emergency Chaplains,” and you will see the “Emergency Chaplains Virtual 5K & 10K” run appear. Once selected, choose “I want to be tracked.” You will need to create a profile. Once you create your profile, you will choose which race you’ve registered for (5K or 10K). You will then be asked to enter you bib number. Your Bib Number was supplied when you registered for the run. Be sure to enter you Bib Number Correctly. You Bib is how your time will be tracked and submitted. You can contact us if you have any questions! Email Run@EChap.org



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