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What We Do

We provide care and support for law enforcement officers, medics, firefighters, and 911 communicators while working side-by-side with them to care for people in crisis.

Pastoral Care For First Responders

We get to know First Responders by visiting them while on duty and seeking to build relationships with them.  Our chaplains offer service in much the same way that a pastor does.  Chaplains give advice and counsel when asked, visit the sick and officiate funerals.  We seek to earn the trust of First Responders so they will call on us for this type of pastoral care.

Biblical Counseling For Responders

We operate a counseling center out of our offices located at Braggtown Baptist Church in Durham.  Our desire is to provide Biblical Counseling (at no charge) for all First Responders and their family members who request our services.

Grief Ministry

This team helps people work through the pain of losing a loved one through individual meetings and group sessions.  We also plan to provide an annual Memorial Service for those who have experienced this type of grief during the past year.  

Chaplaincy Response To Crisis Calls

When notified, we respond to provide on the scene pastoral care and crisis intervention alongside the agencies that we serve.  The Chaplain brings the presence of Christ to the scene and seeks to meet the physical and emotional needs of those present.  Our presence on the scene allows the First Responders to concentrate on the job at hand while knowing that the citizens are being cared for by the Chaplain.

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