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Brantley Pearce Memorial

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Brantley Pearce Memorial

On August 28, 2010, 18 year old Brantley Pearce died in an automobile accident. Brantley's best friend, Miles Moorman also died in the accident. 

Two other friends, Kim Frey and Kristen Terry, who were also in the car, were uninjured. 

Karen Dean, Brantley's mother, has established this Memorial in his name out of the pain caused by their loss, to benefit the ministry of Emergency Chaplains. Karen knows firsthand the kind of help a family needs during a time of loss and she wants other who are suffering in the midst of their crisis to be offered the hope and comfort that Emergency Chaplains provides. No one should ever be alone when something like this happens.

The purpose of the Brantley Pearce Memorial is to raise funds that will provide training for new chaplaincy volunteers. Our vision is to steadily increase the area covered by Emergency Chaplains and help more people during times of crisis.

Our annual banquet is also a time to recognize individual responders for their exceptional service with the Brantley Pearce Memorial Award. Each year, one Chaplain and one First Responder will be honored because of their dedication to caring for those in crisis.

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