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2015 Hometown Heroes banquet

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Karen Pearce with winners of Brantley Pearce Memorial Award.
L to R: David Earp (Durham County Sheriff's Office), Valentine Blackwell (Durham County EMS), Karen Pearce, Johnny Hewett (Emergency Chaplains)​

Hometown Hero Award Winners

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Keynote Speaker, Robby Jernigan

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Master of Cermonies, Traynor Reitmeier

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Chaplains and Directors at 2015 Hometown Heroes Banquet

2014 Hometown Heroes banquet

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Hometown Heroes Award Winners

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Karen with winners of Brantley Pearce Memorial Award

Emergency Chaplains celebrated our 6th Anniversary on Friday evening, October 24th, 2014 by hosting our annual Hometown Heroes Banquet. Over 450 people gathered for an inspiring evening at the Sheraton Imperial Conference Center in Research Triangle Park. After a delicious dinner, Hometown Hero awards were presented to eight first responders with three of them receiving the Brantley Pearce Memorial Award.

Right in the middle of the awards ceremony there was an unexpected interruption. A homeless woman had wandered in from the street and was looking for something to eat. Introducing herself as “Bertie the Bag Lady” she was given permission to search for leftover chicken marsala—but—she instead opted to take a microphone and start making fun of all the bald headed men in attendance. Miss Bertie finished up by talking about the hope that can only be found in Jesus and she finished with a song reminding us to be the comfort of Christ to those who are hurting.

The banquet was a great success again this year and helped us to raise awareness of the importance of the ministry of Emergency Chaplains. Each Hometown Hero award reminded us of the stress, danger and sacrifice involved in serving as a first responder. The Brantley Pearce Memorial awards reminded us of the need to provide ministry to those who experience traumatic events.

Many in attendance made commitments to serve as volunteers in different capacities and to support the work of the ministry by financially supporting us on a monthly basis. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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Chaplains and Directors at 2014 Hometown Heroes Banquet

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