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Membership & Certification

Raising the Standard for Volunteer Chaplaincy Across North Carolina

Our Membership and Certification process is designed to provide exceptional training and ongoing professional development for Chaplains. See more information below about our Membership and Certification Program.

Benefits of Membership with Emergency Chaplains


  • It is easy to get discouraged when you are out there on your own. In the EChap network there is always another Chaplain close by to encourage you to keep going!

  • You have the opportunity to build relationships with other chaplains and serve as an encourager to them.


Training and Continuing Education

  • Access to regular training events provided by Emergency Chaplains and others.



  • When there are multiple chaplains serving in a county, the ministry can continue if one chaplain is no longer able to serve.



  • Report requirements give the chaplain a way to measure activity and promotes consistent ministry and mission efforts.

Application FAQ's

How do I apply?

  • Applications can only be obtained through the Executive Director’s office (contact us by clicking here)


How do I send the application when completed?

  • All applications are completed online. The process is secure and confidential.


Is an interview required?

  • Yes. Interviews can be conducted in person or remotely through Zoom Video Conferencing.


Is a background check required?

  • Yes. Cost is included in the application fee.


  • You are partnered with a respected ministry that has a proven track record and strong relationships among the First Responder community.



  • Multiple chaplains in your area will insure that someone will be available to respond should a First Responder call you with a personal crisis and you are not available.


  • A chaplain network will provide additional help in case of a large scale event where additional chaplains are needed.



  • As a member of Emergency Chaplains, you will be entitled to certify and maintain your certification as a Public Safety Chaplaincy Volunteer through our program.


Application Fee for Membership......................$25

Annual Membership.........................................$100

Certification Fees...........................................NONE

(included with membership)

Tuition Cost..................................Varies by Module

(see below for more information)

*Annual Renewal of Membership

To maintain the professional standards expected of all personnel serving a Public Safety Agency, an annual review and renewal process is required.

Certification with Emergency Chaplains

Our Certification Program sets the standard for Public Safety Chaplaincy. 

Required Curriculum for Certification

Module 1: Core Chaplaincy Training

42 Hours of Instruction/Online

Tuition cost: Included with EChap membership (Non-members: $120)

Module 2: Emergency Services Chaplaincy

50 Hours of Instruction/Online

Tuition cost: $95

Module 3: ICISF

International Critical Incident Stress Foundation

27 Hours of Instruction/Classroom

Tuition cost: Varies

Continuing Education

Professional Development


Certified volunteer chaplains are required to complete at least 12 hours of continuing education annually. Regular continuing education is necessary for the ongoing professional development of the chaplain.

Benefits of Becoming a Certified

Chaplaincy Volunteer

1. You demonstrate your sustained, high-level commitment to education and professionalism valued by Public Safety Agencies.

2. You participate in a network that improves and standardizes care given by Chaplains.

You develop additional skills through commitment and continuing education.

3. You become part of a team that provides mutual support resources. This benefits you, your fellow Chaplains, First Responders and our citizens.

Annual Renewal of Certification


To maintain the professional standards expected of all personnel serving a Public Safety Agency, an annual review and renewal process is required.

In order to renew your certification, you will:

• Be a member in good standing.

• Have all activity reports up to date.

• Report continuing education completed during year.

• Be connected to a local church.

Required Equipment for Training


Due to the online nature of the our program, the following equipment is required:


  • Computer or Tablet with Internet Access

  • Smartphone


This equipment will be needed to access:


  • Course Materials and Tests

  • Document Scanner

  • E-mail and Text Messages

  • Zoom Video Conferencing

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