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AED for chaplain jerry mcfadyen (yadkin county)

This special fundraiser is to raise the funds for Emergency Chaplains Inc. to purchase a professional LIFEPAK AED kit with Adult and Youth pads. Once purchased this AED will be donated to/and for use by Chaplain Jerry McFadyen (EMR) in Yadkin County NC. Chaplain McFadyen is a NC Licensed Emergency Medical Responder and trained in the use of AEDs and CPR.

This unit will travel with Ch. McFadyen as he travels around the county in mostly rural areas as he serves in his role as chaplain and in daily life on many different sports fields with his grandkids. There are hundreds of folks of every age on these fields and no AED available in many instances.


In a rural county such as Yadkin, it can take fifteen minutes or longer for a medic unit to arrive after being dispatched. It can take another ten to fifteen minutes from the time of a heart attack to calling 911 and getting the call dispatched.Without quality CPR and an AED, the person very well could die before first responders can arrive. Having someone trained in CPR and the use of an AED on scene when the attack happens will save lives. 


Want to give by check?
Make Payable to: Emergency Chaplains

Memo: AED-Yadkin Co.

PO Box 14762

Durham, NC 27709

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